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Brand Style Guide for Qii

The Queensland International Institute Logo Guideline & Request for Use of Qii's Brand Elements (975KB) of the Brand Standards has 
more details about our logo, including:
    -  Logo composition
    -  Logo space and positioning 
    -  Correct logo execution including colour options
    -  QiiSA (Queensland International Institute Students Association) logo

Logo Request Form
To request usage of the Queensland International Institute logo,
Please fill out Request for Use of Qii's Brand Elements and email it back to the marketing team at [email protected].

Terms of Use of Queensland International Institute’s Brand Elements
• Qii's logo and any other brand elements may only be used for the specific purpose for which permission was granted.
• Permission must be applied for and specifically granted by Qii for any additional use of any of Qii's brand elements.
• Qii's logo or any other brand elements may not be altered in any way, including alterations to the typeface and colouring of any of Qii's brand elements.
• If the Qii logo is to be resized, it must be resized proportionately in all dimensions. However, any resizing of the Qii logo must adhere to the minimum size specifications as set out in the Qii Brand Style Guide.
• When printing the Qii logo, only the colours specified in the Qii Brand Style Guide may be used.
• Where printing the logo in 1 colour or mono form, it must only appear as a solid colour or reversed out as specified in the Qii Brand Style Guide.
• A clear space around the Qii logo of not less than 5mm between the logo and any other type or graphic element is mandatory.
• No other words, marks, or design elements may be added or attached to the Qii logo or encroach within 10mm.

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