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There are plenty of affordable yet delicious foods available in Brisbane City, and all within walking distance from the Qii/T campus.

Meals under $8

Meals under $8

Meals between $9 - $15

Meals under $9-$15


Brisbane has a fantastic public transport system which will allow you to reach your preferred destination with ease. In Brisbane you can expect to use the following types of transportation:

CityCats, CityFerries & CityHoppers: You can expect to take a trip on the CityCat, CityFerry or CityHopper whilst in Brisbane. These river boats transport you the length of the CBD and to many suburbs around Brisbane, and allow you to appreciate the beauty of Brisbane from a whole new point of view.


Trains: Trains are a clean, efficient and very popular way to travel not only around Brisbane and its suburbs but out to the nearby Sunshine and Gold coasts.


Buses: With new busways being built right now in popular suburbs around Brisbane, you can expect a bus stop or busway to be located within a short distance from your residence. Generally, you will not need to wait any longer than 10 minutes to catch a bus.


Go Cards: A very common way to pay for your journeys around Brisbane is to use a go card, which is a form of electronic ticket. The go card allows users seamless travel on all TransLink bus, train, ferry and tram services. Students may be entitled to travel savings and discounts, and could not be easier to use - simply touch on at the beginning and touch off at the end of each trip onboard your bus or ferry or at your train or tram station. Your go card will automatically calculate and deduct one overall fare.

Your go card's balance can be easily topped up either online or at any 7-Eleven store. For further information, see 

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GoCard Concession
Transportation Fares

Transport in Brisbane is usually very affordable. However, all Qii/T's students are also eligible to receive travel at concession prices, once a student uses their Qii/T Student ID to apply for their Tertiary Transport Concession Card. Full details of the TTCC card are given to our students at our compulsory Orientation sessions.

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