Accommodation in Brisbane


Homestay arrangements provide students with the opportunity to experience Australian home life within the security of our program. If you opt for Homestay you may be hosted by a family, a couple, or a single person. Each student can expect to have his or her own furnished bedroom. Meals may be provided at an extra cost (which may vary). The length of any homestay arrangement may vary from a minimum of 4 weeks to the entire duration of your course.

Prior to your arrival in Australia, Qii/T is able to assist you in Homestay agreement. You are required to give Qii/T a minimum of 4 weeks' notice if you require us to organise a Homestay agreement. Qii/T's fee for this service is $350 AUD.

Please note that Homestay is not the cheapest accommodation option. Students choosing Homestay should be prepared to pay from $220 to $350 per week (including meals).

The standard minimum stay is 4 weeks.

Shared Accommodation

The most popular type of accommodation for students in Australia is shared accommodation. Shared accommodation involves living with a small number of people in rental accommodation. Facilities such as the kitchen and bathroom are shared by the occupants. Similarly, household costs (i.e., the deposit - known as a "bond" - electricity, gas, phone & internet bills, and so on) are split among household members.

Inner City Apartment

Most inner city apartments require occupants to sign a lease for 3 to 6 months. This option is usually the most expensive for students to choose. Please check carefully if the apartment you are interested in is fully furnished - if it is not you may need to set aside sufficient funds to provide yourself with the necessary furniture, cooking utensils, etc. Most properties will require a deposit or "bond" that must be paid before moving in. The bond usually amounts to 4 weeks of the rental cost of the property. The bond is retained by the landlord and returned to you upon your departure from the property at the end of your lease.

For more information about accommodation please contact Qii/T at [email protected]. You may also find the following websites helpful: 

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